CAN Blog

Members of the CAN team occasionally outline emerging findings, explore creative ideas, present opportunities for involvement, or reflect on the implications of our work. These musings are categorized as “blog posts” on this website.

[Blog] Autism On (And a Block Away From) Campus

What is it like for someone whose brain is wired in a way that makes it even more difficult? Lee Burdette Williams is the Director of Higher Education Training and Development on the CAN team and an educational veteran who brings her expertise and experience to CAN's...

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[Internship] Curriculum Development and Training

The Curriculum Development Interns will play an integral role in developing and identifying the training initiatives of the College Autism Network (CAN). The interns will develop curricula, materials, and resources for distinct stakeholder audiences. One intern will focus on training for postsecondary administrators and instructors; the other intern will focus on training for autistic students and their advocates. Curriculum Development Interns will also deliver training programs locally and nationally, both in-person and online. The interns will work closely with other team members of CAN to produce training materials that are evidence-based, accessible to all types of learners, and scalable across multiple platforms.

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[Blog] Inside IMFAR 2016

“There is relatively little research on postsecondary educational outcomes for those with ASD”…. ”Little is known about the obstacles students with autism face in college”…. ”Despite the increased number of students with ASD attending college, few studies have...

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