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Whenever we develop new training documents, host webinars, or offer presentations at professional conferences, we will post the associated materials on this website (categorized as “can-training”).
Quick Links: Members of the CAN team are actively generating new scholarship related to college students with autism.

Published Article: Cox, B. E., Thompson, K., Anderson, A., Mintz, A., Locks, T. Morgan, L., Edelstein, J., & Wolz, A (In Press at Journal of College Student Development). College experiences for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD): Personal identity, public disclosure, and institutional support.

IMFAR 2016 Presentations – Drawing on two years of qualitative research, the College Autism Network team is presenting four (4) posters at the 2016 International Meeting For Autism Research (IMFAR). Posters include analyses of autistic students’ concerns, use support services, efforts to find safe spaces, and development of personal identity.

UROP Presentations – Hosted by the Center for Undergraduate Research and Academic Engagement (CRE), the Undergraduate Research Symposium is an annual showcase for undergraduate student researchers from across campus to present their work to the university community.

NASPA 2016 Presentation – This presentation helps introduce practitioners to college students with ASD, identify common barriers to success, and share practices to overcome these challenges. Through the lens of student vignettes, the audience will discuss the autistic student experience on campus and learn why common institutional practices may need to be amended in order to better serve this population.

[Event] NASPA 2017 Annual Conference: Pre-Con

NASPA 2017 Annual Conference: Pre-Con Students with Autism: Inclusion Begins with Understanding Saturday, March 11, 2017, San Antonio, TX     Presented By: Personal website About the Conference NASPA is the leading association for the advancement, health, and...

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Students on the Autism Spectrum: RA Training Module

Download these training materials through the button below, or read the individual sections through the tabs below The purpose of this training module is to provide Resident Assistants (RAs) with 1) an overview of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and its characteristics...

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[Event] Mental Health Matters Conference 2016

Mental Health Matter 2016 Conference Supporting Students on the Autism Spectrum: What We Know and How We Can Make a Difference Presented by: Personal website The second annual Mental Health Matters (MHM) conference continues its original mission to bring together...

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[Internship] Curriculum Development and Training

The Curriculum Development Interns will play an integral role in developing and identifying the training initiatives of the College Autism Network (CAN). The interns will develop curricula, materials, and resources for distinct stakeholder audiences. One intern will focus on training for postsecondary administrators and instructors; the other intern will focus on training for autistic students and their advocates. Curriculum Development Interns will also deliver training programs locally and nationally, both in-person and online. The interns will work closely with other team members of CAN to produce training materials that are evidence-based, accessible to all types of learners, and scalable across multiple platforms.

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[Internship] Institutional Outreach

The Institutional Outreach Intern will cultivate effective working relationships between the College Autism Network (CAN) and institutional stakeholders at colleges and universities from across the country as well as connections among campus-based ASD programs. The intern will connect with student advocates and college administrators at campus-based ASD programs to gather information on specific initiatives, research, and good practices designed to support college students with autism. The person in this position will work with CAN’s Student Advocacy and Support team to highlight these initiatives by writing blog posts, producing program summaries, and contributing to an online database of programs and services that facilitate postsecondary success for autistic students.

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[Internship] Student Organizations

The Student Organizations Intern will play an active role in building grassroots, student-led organizations supported by the College Autism Network (CAN). As part of CAN’s Student Advocacy and Support team, the person in this position will work with active undergraduate students to initiate, develop, and advise a new FSU student organization supporting and advocating for students with autism. In addition, the intern will work to identify and interface with similar student organizations at universities across the country, ultimately creating a national network of student organizations.

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[Training] What is autism?

What is Autism? Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) In this presentation, Kerry Thompson provides a thematic and historical overview of autism, addressing questions regarding the Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How of autism. Presented By: University of...

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[Training] NASPA 2016

Autism in Higher Education: Barriers and Bridges in a Changing Landscape

1:15-2:05 PM on Monday, March 14th in Meeting Room 130 of the Indianapolis Convention Center

Through the lens of student vignettes, the audience will discuss the autistic student experience on campus and learn why common institutional practices may need to be amended in order to better serve this population.

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