College Autism Spectrum

Providing college-level support and training for students, parents, & professionals involved with the autism spectrum community.

Information For Students

Students with autism spectrum disorders often have no trouble meeting the entrance criteria to the college of their choice, yet once there, have extreme difficulty navigating the academic and social complexities inherent in the college experience. Many lack the self- management skills needed to independently organize and integrate all aspects of college life. Stress of transition can inhibit a student’s ability to know who and when to ask for help. ┬áCAS consultants can provide a link between the enrolled student and the system.

Programs for Students with Asperger Syndrome

Many post-secondary institutions around the country offer training and certification programs as well as individualized and group support services. If you would like to add your listing to this page, contact Jane Brown at Please include the name of the school, program name, URL, brief description of services, contact information and costs as appropriate.

Information for Schools and Agencies

Transitioning from high school to the postsecondary world is difficult for all students. This is more prevalent for students with ASD, because the deficits of the condition may not be fully realized or addressed in the secondary environment. Secondary systems and the families they serve are largely unaware of the all encompassing differences between high school and college as well as the impact these differences can have on the student if not prepared well in advance. College Autism Spectrum professionals have extensive K12 experience and provide workshops for high school educators and administrators, vocational rehabilitation counselors, and other interagency supports.