International Society for Autism Research (INSAR  2019, Montreal, Canada)

Poster Presentations & Special Interest Group

INSAR Special Interest Group (SIG)
Adapting & Advancing Postsecondary Education for Autistic Students
Led by Brad Cox, Brett Nachman, and Jiedi Lei

Although between 32% and 50% of autistic youth pursue postsecondary education, studies exploring postsecondary enrollment, campus experiences, or employment are limited. Through working group discussions and digitally-facilitated collaborations, SIG will specifically explore research questions, conceptual models, data sources, and implications for policy and practice. The SIG will address cultural differences in translating research to practice and the challenge of advancing researcher-stakeholder partnerships to improve access, experiences, and outcomes for autistic postsecondary students.

Resources from the SIG:
Articles on Autism in Postsecondary Education
Slides from the event in Montreal
Notes from attendees – topics, research gaps, etc. 

The work begun at the 2019 INSAR SIG will continue throughout the year via the College Autism Network’s Virtual Association of Scholars (CANVAS).

Poster Presentations on Postsecondary Education