This section of the College Autism Network website presents two distinct sets of training-related resources. This page features othe training materials

Other Training Materials

We’re not the only ones working to improve the experiences and outcomes for autistic students in higher education. Therefore, we offer links to other people’s training materials via posts categorized as “training-other” on this website).

Quick Links: Members of the CAN team are actively generating new scholarship related to college students with autism.

Published Article: Cox, B. E., Thompson, K., Anderson, A., Mintz, A., Locks, T. Morgan, L., Edelstein, J., & Wolz, A (In Press at Journal of College Student Development). College experiences for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD): Personal identity, public disclosure, and institutional support.

IMFAR 2016 Presentations – Drawing on two years of qualitative research, the College Autism Network team is presenting four (4) posters at the 2016 International Meeting For Autism Research (IMFAR). Posters include analyses of autistic students’ concerns, use support services, efforts to find safe spaces, and development of personal identity.

UROP Presentations – Hosted by the Center for Undergraduate Research and Academic Engagement (CRE), the Undergraduate Research Symposium is an annual showcase for undergraduate student researchers from across campus to present their work to the university community.

NASPA 2016 Presentation – This presentation helps introduce practitioners to college students with ASD, identify common barriers to success, and share practices to overcome these challenges. Through the lens of student vignettes, the audience will discuss the autistic student experience on campus and learn why common institutional practices may need to be amended in order to better serve this population.

[Training] Conduct and Students on the Autism Spectrum

Educators and administrators may have a difficult time in navigating conduct issues with students on the autism spectrum. An upcoming webinar from, facilitated by Dr. Jane Theirfield Brown of Yale University , aims to help professionals work through...

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[Training] Supporting Students with Disabilities

This website provides the viewer with free and interactive learning modules. These modules inform the viewer of basic information of each disability listed. This information includes myths/facts, definitions, implications for learning, a video, and a scenario section. Click this link to access an interactive free educational resource that highlights many disabilities that impact students on our campuses!

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