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Our team includes undergraduates, graduate students, faculty members, and administrators representing multiple fields of study (e.g., higher education, communications, medicine, social work) from several institutions. At least one member of the team is on the autism spectrum and three more have immediate family members on the autism spectrum.

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Central Staff

A small group of central staff coordinating CAN’s major initiatives and managing the day-to-day operations of the College Autism Network…

Dr. Bradley E. Cox

Executive Director & Director of Research

Brad Cox is an Associate Professor at Florida State University. His work seeks to explain and improve the systemic, institutional, and personal conditions that shape college experiences and outcomes for students on the autism spectrum.

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Dr. Lee Burdette Williams

Director of Higher Education Training and Development

Lee has been part of the student affairs profession for nearly three decades, including serving as Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students at Wheaton College (MA) and as Dean of Students at the University of Connecticut.  Most recently she was the Director of Collegiate Partnerships for Mansfield Hall in Burlington, VT, where she provided training for colleges and universities seeking to improve their services to students on the Autism Spectrum.

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Monique Ositelu

Graduate Research Assistant & Research Coordinator

Monique is a second-year Ph.D. student in the Higher Education program at Florida State University. Monique’s interest in students with Autism stemmed from her experience with her nephew who is diagnosed with Autism. She hopes here efforts in research will help increase the opportunity to post-secondary education for students on the spectrum.

Jeffrey Edelstein

Undergraduate Research Assistant & Media and Communications Coordinator

Jeff is an undergraduate researcher interested in the relationships college-age individuals on the Autism Spectrum have with music. His initial interest in Autism comes from growing up with a high-functioning autistic sibling.

Sarah Weitzel

Undergraduate Research Assistant & Student Advocacy Coordinator

Sarah is a freshman studying Psychology at FSU. She joined CAN because she has a passion for helping people, and she has personal experiences with ASD.

Amber Wiest

Graduate Research Assistant and Project Coordinator

Interns & Volunteers

Individuals making targeted contributions to specific CAN activities…

Kelly Racadio

Web Development Intern

Kris Castro

Social Media Intern

David Servello

Instructional Design Intern

Jocelyn Bailey

Fundraising and Development Intern

Jocelyn is currently a sophomore at FSU studying Psychology & Family/Child Sciences.

Lori Dowling

Graphic Design Artist

Lori oversees our visual styling and creates all our graphics. She’s an FSU senior studying Family and Child Sciences. Her interest in CAN comes, in part, from having a cousin with a developmental disability in a country with few resources for individuals with disabilities.

Ellen Goedert

Curriculum Development Intern

Chase Breeden

Graduate Research Assistant & Administration Coordinator

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Research Assistants

Students who collect data, conduct analyses, generate reports, and make presentations at professional conferences.

Steven Dawson

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Steven is a sophomore at Florida State University majoring in Anthropology, with hopes of attending Medical School. He joined the CAN team because he watched his older brother, who’s on the Autism spectrum, fail out of college because there wasn’t a good enough support system at the university level there to help him.

Brett Ranon Nachman

Graduate Research Assistant 

Brett Ranon Nachman is a PhD Student in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis at the University of Wisconsin-Madison focused on understanding and supporting the experiences of two-year college students, especially as it relates to transfer to four-year institutions. Brett’s interest in this research stems from both having Asperger’s himself and having attended a community college.

Bailey Brogdon

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Advisory Board

Leading experts and advocates helping to guide implementation of CAN’s vision…

Lindee Morgan

Advisory Board Member

Lindee is Co-Director of the new Educational Science Research Core at the Marcus Autism Center, a NIH Autism Center of Excellence affiliated with Emory University in Atlanta, GA.

Susan White

Advisory Board Member

Susan W. White, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at Virginia Tech, where she directs federally funded research aims at improving transition outcomes for adolescents and emerging adults with ASD. For a full description of her lab and research interests, see ww.psyc.vt.edu/labs/pi and www.stepsasd.org

Previous Personnel

Plenty of wonderful people have contributed to the development of the College Autism Network. We are grateful for their involvement and thank them for their contributions here.

Kerry Thompson

Amelia Anderson


Taylor Locks 

Amanda Mintz

Tatiana Jeudy

Lauren Apgar

Brooke Winston

Dillon Lee Warner

Hope Young

Pei Hu

Abigail Wolz

Chase Breeden

Saphicher Gonzales

Samantha Rohrbaugh

Amanda Roy

Kara Smith

Michael Hong

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