This section of the College Autism Network website presents two distinct sets of training-related resources.

Latest updates from the College Autism Network…

Fast Fact #2

Fast Fact #2 Although only 10 incoming first-year students self-disclose ASD, 148 reported having enough autism related characteristics to warrant clinical assessment. This inconsistency could be because...   - ASD is by definition a spectrum, so even when identifying...

Fast Fact #1

Fast Fact #1 We’ve all heard the statistic that 1 in 68 people are diagnosed with ASD. But only 1 in 225 beginning college students in our study self-reported ASD. This material is based, in part, upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant...
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Autism Coming to College (Issue Brief)

In this issue brief: Highlights from the first article in top-tier higher education journal to ever mention autism. A new model to help students and institutions anticipate, address, and overcome challenges that might otherwise undermine the chances of...

[Event] 2017 Association for Student Conduct Association Conference

2017 Association for Student Conduct Association Conference [Panel] Challenge and Support on the Autism Spectrum: Lessons from the Field Thursday, February 2, 4:45 PM Hyatt Regency in Jacksonville, FL The rise in the number of college students with Autism Spectrum...

[Event] 2017 NASPA Mental Health Conference: A NASPA Strategies Conference

NASPA 2017 Mental Health Strategies Conference Building Campus-Wide Understanding of Students with Autism Saturday, January 21, 9:45 am, Austin, TX More students come to campus each year with diagnoses of Autism Spectrum Disorder/Asperger’s.  How can we help our...
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CAN-Sponsored Training

Whenever we develop new training documents, host webinars, or offer presentations at professional conferences, we will post the associated materials as on this website (categorized as “can-training”).


Other Training Materials

We’re not the only ones working to improve the experiences and outcomes for autistic students in higher education. Therefore, we offer links to other people’s training materials via posts categorized as “training-other” on this website).

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