College Autism Summit 2021

Planning Committee


College Autism Summit Logo: The Power of Connection

The College Autism Network would like to thank all those serving on the College Autism Summit Planning Committees for their hard work and dedication.  Without them, the Summit would not be possible!

Major Speakers/Panels

John Caldora (Co-chair), University of Kentucky

Brad McGarry (Co-chair), Mercyhurst University

Florencia Ardon, Cornell University

Courtney Butler, Rutgers University

Samantha Thomson, Austin Community College



Claire Bennett (Co-chair)

Bridget McElroy (Co-chair), Neurodiversity in the Workplace

Daniel Greenberg, EdRedefined, LLC

Amy Rutherford, University of Tennessee, Chattanooga

John Sheehan, Bethesda Lutheran Communities

Program Committee

Cherie Fishbaugh (Co-chair), West Chester University of Pennsylvania

Amy Radochonski (Co-chair), College Living Experience

Dave Caudel, Vanderbilt University

Julie Humbel-Courtney, The Ohio State University

Katie McDermott, Unaffiliated

Tonya Paulette, UT Rio Grand Valley

Emily Paulson, University of California, Berkeley

Matt Segall, Emory University


Brett Nachman (Chair), College Autism Network

Christian Abson, Cal Poly Pomona

Taylor Brooks, TTU Lubbock State Supported Living Center

Lynn Gallagher, Loras College

Karen Krainz Edison, The Ohio State University


Sponsors and Partners

Brad Cox (Co-chair), College Autism Network and Florida State University

Keivan Stassun (Co-chair), Vanderbilt University

Courtney Francis, Florida State University

Lee Burdette Williams, College Autism Network


Brittany Jackson (Chair), College Autism Network and Hiram College

Jodi Duke, George Mason University

Lindsay Hill, Michigan State University

Tina Likovetz, University of West Florida