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United States College Programs for Autistic Students represents a helpful guide for autistic students, parents of autistic students, high school teachers, advisors, student affairs professionals, researchers, and other individuals interested in identifying various college-based programs designed for autistic students.
Developed by Catherine Tobin McDermott and Brett Ranon Nachman, with contributions by Ann Hartlage, Brittany Jackson and Anne-Marie Orlando, this PDF features more than 75 programs located at colleges and universities throughout the United States catered exclusively/primarily to autistic college students. The PDF represents a culmination of a more than one-year project that entailed reviewing all 4,500+ higher education institutions in the United States and identifying colleges/universities with programs for autistic college students.
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The College Autism Network (CAN) is a nonprofit organization run almost entirely by dedicated professionals and students who volunteer their time, resources, and expertise to support college success for students with autism.

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