Supporting Students with Disabilities Grid

It’s hard to explain why college didn’t work for me. First thing that comes to mind is that I was taking too many classes at the same time. And these were difficult classes. Too much at once.  When I first enrolled, I signed up for 5 classes. I ended up dropping them. Then I signed up again and dropped them again. Some of the class sizes were very large, and some were smaller. For some reason, high school seemed to be easier. Teachers told us what to do. We had schedules and assignments. Another issue was the time of my classes. I prefer to sleep late.  

One of the college classes I took was public speaking. I really didn’t enjoy that one. I dropped out after 3– 4 weeks in. I didn’t feel comfortable getting up in front of a group. I don’t know why I signed up for that one.

After dropping classes at FIU twice, I lost my scholarship. I signed up at Miami Dade to take some classes but didn’t stick with it. It’s been 4 -5 years since I attempted college.

In high school I was in the 98th percentile but didn’t do well in college. I am not comfortable talking about all this.

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