36th Annual Conference on the First-Year Experience

Supporting First-Year Students with Autism: Inclusion Begins with Understanding

9-10am Sunday, February 12, in Atlanta Marriott Marquis – A706

Campuses are seeing an increase in the number of students with diagnoses of Autism/Asperger Syndrome. These students bring with them both remarkable talents and resilience as well as social, behavioral and communication challenges that can complicate their campus experience. First-year students with autism are especially vulnerable because of the challenges they face responding to transitions. Participants will learn about autism: its common characteristics and how those may be problematic, and how a campus can become a more inclusive place for students on the spectrum.

Presented By:

Lee Burdette Williams

Lee Burdette Williams

Director of Higher Education Training and Development

Brad Cox

Brad Cox

Executive Director & Director of Research


Dr. Bradley E. Cox is the Founder and Executive Director of the College Autism Network. He is also an Associate Professor of Higher Education at Florida State University and a Senior Research Associate at FSU's Center for Postsecondary Success. His work seeks to explain and improve the systemic, institutional, and personal conditions that shape college experiences and outcomes for students on the autism spectrum.

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About the Conference

The 36th Annual Conference on The First-Year Experience, presented in conjunction with Emory University, the Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia State University, and Kennesaw State University, is meant to engage higher education professionals from all areas in a variety of ways to improve their capabilities to understand and support first-year college students. This year’s event will feature several keynote and plenary speakers, networking opportunities, and exhibits with commercial and nonprofit organizations.

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