Get Involved with the College Autism Network

We’ve identified 11 different ways you can get involved with the College Autism Network. Scroll down to check out all the opportunities!

The College Autism Network is working to develop a network of diverse stakeholders actively engaged in collaborative, evidence-based advocacy, research, and training designed to improve student well-being, educational improvement, and institutional responsiveness. Such a network is dynamic by nature; roles change and structures evolve as new people get involved, new partnerships are forged, and new initiatives get underway.

We are always looking to expand the network. There are so many ways you can contribute. Use the links below or email us ( if you would like to get involved!

Tell your story.

Share your college experiences by submitting a picture, essay, or video to the Can Do College project.

Publicize your program.

If your school, community, or student organization is doing good work, let’s make sure other people know about it. Get started by filling out a quick program information sheet online.

Share information

If you’ve come across valuable information on the web, at conferences, or in the news, use this form to tell us so we can tell the world via our website and newsletter.

Join the CAN team.

Ready to commit some significant time to the College Autism Network? If so, you can really dig into the work as a semester- or year-long volunteer intern. Click here to learn more about CAN’s active internship opportunities.

Write a blog post

You’ve got a voice. Put it to use by submitting an idea for a guest blog post. If it seems like a good fit for the CAN blog, we’ll work with you to craft the blog post in a manner that makes us all proud to have our names associated with it. Submit your idea using this blog idea submission form.

Propose new initiatives

Got a clever idea for a new project we should pursue? Tell us about your idea and we’ll see if it’s the kind of thing we CAN get involved with. (Get it? CAN = College Autism Network… that’s as clever as we get on our own! We need your ideas!) We’ll follow up with you after you send us a quick note about your idea.

Develop new resources

You’ve got talent. We’ve got ideas. Put them together and we could make some beautiful…anything…documentaries, training videos, student guidebooks, promotional materials, interactive websites, policy briefs, etc. If you want to help but don’t know how, just let us know what you like to do and we’ll let you know if we find a project that could use your help.


Spread the word about CAN

Like us on Facebook. Retweet our announcements. Share our website with your friends and colleagues. Encourage your colleagues to sign up for our email newsletter. 

Collaborate on Research or Training

There’s so much we want to learn, and so many people we hope to reach. Therefore, we are actively seeking to pool resources and expertise with collaborators who want to develop research grant proposals, co-author publications, make presentations at professional conferences, or facilitate trainings for specific stakeholders. Email us to get the conversation started.

Donate to CAN

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, we depend on the financial generosity of people and organizations who share our commitment to improving access, experiences, and outcomes for autistic college students. Contact us to discuss the many ways you can make a financial contribution. Want to make an immediate impact? You can donate right now using our online donation portal.

Connect CAN with stakeholders

Help us connect with a wide range of stakeholders. If you know of people or organizations who might be interested in our work, use this form to let us know and we’ll reach out to them.

Support CAN – Become a Member

The College Autism Network (CAN) is a nonprofit organization run almost entirely by dedicated professionals and students who volunteer their time, resources, and expertise to support college success for students with autism.

But websites, videos, curricula, presentations, and events cost money.
So we need your help!