The Summit Collections

The Summit Collections are sessions that were presented at the 2021 College Autism Summit and have been grouped by topic into an easy-to-access opportunity to learn about that topic.  If you attended the 2021 College Autism Summit, all of this content is available to you for free. Contact Lee Williams for access.


ProgramsWhat We Wish We Knew: Tips for New Professionals in College Autism Support Programs

Presented by: Kathy Weber (Loras College)

Students Helping Students: Analyzing Peer Mentoring Programs

Presented by:  Helen Rottier (University of Illinois at Chicago)

Georgia College Transition Partnership: Developing a College Autism Program Using Collective Impact

Presented by: Matt Segall, Zolinda Stoneman, Hamida Jinnah, Erin Vinoski Thomas, Stacy Ramirez, Em Peacock, Susanna Miller-Raines (All Administration for Community Living)

Autism-Friendly Libraries: Forging A Collaborative Partnership Between Morris Library and Spectrum Scholars at University of Delaware

Presented by: Alison Wessel, Wes Garton (All from the University of Delaware)

The Neurodiversity Alliance: Empowering Collaboration of Faculty, Staff and Students

Presented by: Jim Cherney, Mary Anne Christensen, Andrea Juillerat-Olvera, Karl Federlander, Zhizhong Li, Jeffrey Hutsler, David Branby (All from University of Nevada, Reno)

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Tools for Transition: Empowering Students for Success

Presented by:  Aislynn Kiser, Kelly Luo, Katie Gregory (All from Vanderbilt University Kennedy Center)

Building a College Internship Pipeline

Presented by: Karen Krainz Edison (Ohio State University), David Pace (JP MorganChase), Thomas Suhm (JP MorganChase), Harley DeNoto (JP MorganChase), Andrew Willmore (JP MorganChase) 

Cultivating Career Readiness Conversations with Neurodiverse Learners

Presented by: Ricardo Flores, Emily Paulson (All from the University of California, Berkeley)

Partnering with Business Experts

Presented by: John Bryson (Rangam), Jason Weppelman (SourceAbled)

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What’s in a Word? The History and Use of “Neurodiverse”

Presented by:  John Caldora (University of Kentucky)

Identity First, Person First, Why Language Matters

Presented by:  John Sheehan (Xcepted Corporation)

Students and Their Experiences: A Panel Discussion

Moderated by:  John Sheehan (Xcepted Corporation)

Creating Intersectional Spaces: Supporting ND Students with Diverse Identities

Presented by:  Ashley Richardson-Minnett, Katharine Sucher (All from University of Texas at Austin)

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ProgramsDBT & ASD: Skills for College Students

Presented by:  Erin Harris and Rachael Menssen (All from The Ohio State University)

Anxiety and Autism in Higher Education: Experiences of Autistic College Students

Presented by:  Brian Freedman and Jess Monahan (All from the University of Delaware)

Exploring Outreach Methods for Student Wellness and Learning in a Virtual College Environment

Presented by:  Anne Shore and Tami Strouth (All from Quinsigamond Community College)

Learning from our Students: Experiences and Recommendations of College Students with Autism and Co-Occurring Mental Health Needs

Presented by:  Alexandra Raines, Grace Francis, Jodi Duke, Morgan Strimel (All from George Mason University)

On Your Marq: Mental Health Support as a Key Service

Presented by:  Emily Raclaw, Alexandria Kriofske-Mainella, Lee Za Ong, Jessica Curry, Nathan Craven, Bernadette Heitschmidt (All from Marquette University)

Supporting Students with Co-Occurring Mental Health Issues

Presented by:  Scot Marken, Julie DiMatteo (All from EdRedefined)

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A Summer Pre-College Program for Twice Exceptional High School Students with ASD

Presented by:  Nicholas Gelbar and Joseph Madaus (All from University of Connecticut)

University of Illinois I-Ready Summer Camp

Presented by:  Amy Cohen, Aggie Rieger, Kelly Hohl, Henna Thakur, Jeanne Kramer (All from the University of Illinois)

Beyond High School: Leveraging Cross Campus Connections to Ensure Student Success in College

Presented by:  Beverly Scully, Alice Murallo, Antaya Lee (All from Mitchell College)

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