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Our list is constantly changing and growing. If you know of a program that should be included in our database please let us know at

Important Notes about this Database

Welcome to the College Autism Network’s (CAN) database of postsecondary institutional initiatives for students with autism. We make the spreadsheets in this (Google Sheets) document and the accompanying webpage available to the public in hopes that it will help students explore the wide range of postsecondary options available to them.

There are a few important things you should know about this database before you explore the rest of the document…
1. Just like the institutional initiatives identified in this document, our database is constantly evolving. Some of the information is out-of-date, incorrect, or incomplete. We try to update the database when we get new information, but there is usually a considerable delay between when we get information and when we can clean it, codify it, and put it up on our website. The spreadsheet is updated more frequently than is the website itself. Therefore, we encourage students/families to use other means to reach out directly to the relevant programs/institutions to receive complete, accurate, and up-to-date information.
2. The number of institutional initatives designed for students with autism is growing, quickly. Although our database includes more than 40 such programs, we know that our database cannot capture all of the programs being offered. Just because a school isn’t on our list doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a program. We encourage students and families to contact any instution they are considering to inquire about potential programs/services that are not in our database.
3. We suspect that 4-year institutions are overrepresented in this databse. In other words, we believe our database is missing a lot of 2-year, community, technical colleges that offer autism-specific initiatives. Be sure to explore these options on your own, and let us know if/when you find one that should be added to our database.

Therefore, we ask that you…
4. Consider this list a starting point, a way to get a sense of which institutions have which types of programs, how much they might cost, and what types of services might be included.
5. Click here for information about the types of support services or ADA-related accommodations that might be available or appropriate for students with autism.
6. Let us know ( if you discover anything in the spreadsheet that needs updating.

7. The College Autism Network is a non-profit organization run exclusively by volunteers, most of whom are students themselves. We haven’t had time, and won’t likely find time in the near future, to clean up this document to make it more visually appealing. We know it’s messy and maybe even hard to read. But we share this file, which previously has been an “internal only” document, because we believe the information can help students with autism find the best college environments for them. We hope you find it useful, and encourage you to explore all the resources made available through the College Autism Network (CAN).

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