Supporting Students with Disabilities Grid

One of the main reasons people choose to attend college is to improve potential job prospects, but that last part may not be a guaranteed for people with autism. Lately, major companies such as Microsoft have been starting hiring programs to ease this process. These initiatives are extremely valuable, both to people with autism and their new employers, and they promote the value of the skill sets those with ASD bring to the workplace.

Automaker Ford Motor Company has launched their own new program, called FordInclusiveWorks, which partners with the Autism Alliance of Michigan to identify and hire individuals with autism.  The program goes beyond hiring to provide support to employees with autism and training to their coworkers. Reactions have been positive thus far with individuals employed in areas ranging from vehicle preparation to engineering, and all new hires have a high school or bachelor’s degree.

While the program began with just four employees earlier this year, Ford aims to expand the program to hire 12-24 additional employees on the spectrum in 2017. To learn more about Ford and the Autism Alliance of Michigan’s work, click the button below.

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