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While autism research has advanced greatly over the past half century, there is still much we have to learn about both people on the spectrum and the spectrum itself. While Yale established their initiative to learn more about females on the spectrum several years ago, another upcoming center at the Massachusetts Institute for Technology (MIT) aims to take autism research to new heights.

Thanks to a $20 Million gift from Lisa Yang and MIT alumnus Hock Tan (’75), MIT is set to begin development of a brand-new Center for Autism Research. The upcoming center, named for those who have provided the funding to create it, will be used to encourage collaborative research efforts with the goal of understanding autism even more thoroughly. Within this mission, four main areas of investigation will be pursued: novel autism models, genetics, neural circuits, and the translation of research to the clinical setting.

To learn more about the upcoming Center and the larger McGovern Institute for Brain Research at MIT, follow the link in the button below. What do you think of the new initiative? Share your thoughts with us and share your story through our Can Do College Project!


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