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Alongside higher education, employment stands as an area in great need of additional study when it comes to individuals on the autism spectrum. Employers often do not know how to work with employees with autism, and those on the spectrum can have difficulty finding, obtaining, and maintaining jobs. Thanks to a professor at Portland State University, however, we may be on the way to learn how to improve workplace conditions for those with ASD.

Dr. Dora Raymaker has received a $467,000 grant that will allow her to study 95 people in the spectrum and some of their coworkers. The study will look at what works for these employees with additional needs and what sort of accommodations are necessary. This serves as an extension of Dr. Raymaker’s current work with the Academic Autism Spectrum Partnership in Research and Education (AASPIRE) she co-founded with a colleague and AASPIRE’s mission to promote the inclusion of individuals with autism in research which directly affects them.

You are can read more about the grant through the button below. Additionally, more information about AASPIRE can be found through on their website here. What do you think of this new research initiative? Share your thoughts and stories with us through the CAN Do College Project!

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