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Membership Options

Institutional Representative ($250 annually)

Institutional representatives may include faculty members, administrators, and student affairs staff at colleges and universities. Institutional representatives may also include clinicians, support personnel, and other professionals who, while not working directly for an institution of higher education, provide services to current/prospective college students with autism.

The price is $250.00 per year for the institutional representative.

Up to 10 additional members from the same institution may join as “Affiliated Professionals” for only $50 per person per year. Upon joining CAN, institutional representatives will receive a code and link to share with colleagues who may sign up as “Affiliated Professionals”.

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Affiliated Professionals ($50 annually with discount code)

The “Affiliated Professional” memberships are available for individuals affiliated with institutions that already have an “Institutional Representative” membership with CAN. If you received a special code/link from another person at your institution (i.e., the “Institutional Representative”), you should sign up as an “Affiliated Professional.” Otherwise, please select one of our other membership options.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To ensure you receive the discounted membership cost of only $50 per year, be sure to enter the discount code you received from your institutional representative when you check out.

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Independent Professional ($50 annually)

The Independent Professional membership is for individual professionals not directly affiliated with an institution or organization (e.g., consultants, counselors). This type of membership is intended to maximize accessibility for people who may be paying out of their own pocket (instead of from an institutional budget).


Student or Family ($20 annually)

Student memberships are for current college students (undergraduate and graduate students) studying higher education, autism, or a related field. Student memberships are also appropriate for prospective, current, or former college students who are themselves on the autism spectrum.

Family memberships are intended for parents, siblings, and other family members interested in related topics.


The College Autism Network (CAN) is a nonprofit organization run almost entirely by dedicated professionals and students who volunteer their time, resources, and expertise to support college success for students with autism.

But websites, videos, curricula, presentations, and events cost money.
So we need your help!

Your annual membership supports the College Autism Network’s continued development and distribution of evidence-driven resources that…


Help students find success

with online tools where students can find the best institutional programs and identify potentially beneficial accommodations.

Spread awareness and acceptance of autism in college

by actively updating our website , Facebook , and Twitter pages with important updates, news stories, and summaries of the latest research literature.

Train hundreds of college professionals

from across the country through our College Inclusion Summit and via presentations at major conferences in the fields of autism, higher education, and student affairs like NASPA, ACPA, ASCA, ASHE, INSAR, AERA, and FYE.

Share students' stories

about college by highlighting popular news articles about college students with autism, and by publishing short videos, pictures, and essays created by college students with autism as part of our CanDoCollege project.