The College Autism Network provides occasional financial support to organizations doing work designed to improve access, experiences, or outcomes for college students with autism. These grants may be related to any of the three main strands of CAN’s work: Advocacy, Research, and Training.

CAN’s grant program is invite-only; there is no open call for applications. Rather, CAN will reach out directly to potential grantees to discuss the possibility of providing funding for specific projects.

Grants awarded under this program may be of up to one year in length, with the possibility of renewal at the discretion of the College Autism Network. Grants may have annual budgets of up to $10,000 in direct costs; CAN will not pay institutional overhead or indirect costs. Although each awardee is required to submit an initial budget outlining how the funds are expected to be used, funds awarded under this program may be reallocated as needed by the grantee without further approval from CAN. At the end of each grant period, grantees must submit a brief report summarizing the project’s activities and use of funds.


Contact Executive Director of the College Autism Network, Dr. Lee Burdette Williams (