College Autism Network Virtual Association of Scholars

The College Autism Network Virtual Association of Scholars (CANVAS) invites individuals from around the world, who conduct research on and/or work with postsecondary students with autism, to communicate and collaborate with one another. Established in February 2018, CANVAS extends the work of the College Autism Network to a global level, welcoming faculty, researchers, student affairs practitioners, students, and others to capitalize on their talents and work toward making college more accessible, inclusive, and rewarding for students with autism. 

Upcoming Meetings & Presenters


 Thurs, Feb 20 at 1pm EST

    • Presenter: Amy Radochonski (College Living Experience)
    • Topical Focus: “Crosswalks” between postsecondary education institutions and independent autism programs
  • Thurs, March 26 at 11am EST
    • Presenters: Dr. Jodi Duke and Dr. Grace Francis (George Mason University) 
    • Topical Focus: Research on autistic college students and co-occurring mental health disorder; discussions on the impact of needs and coping strategies
  • Thurs, April 23, time TBD
    • Presenter: Dr. Sean LaRoque (Mansfield Hall)
    • Topical Focus: Measuring autistic college students’ journeys to adulthood using the Pathway to Independence Inventory: Development, results and lessons learned at Mansfield Hall – a residential college support program for students with learning differences.
  • Thurs, May 28 at 12pm EST
    • Presenter: Dr. Ryan A. Miller (University of North Carolina-Charlotte)
    • Topical Focus: Emerging research on the experiences of autistic LGBTQ college students 

Past Meeting Minutes & Author Presentations


Jan. 16 

  • Featured presenter: Dr. Brad Cox (Florida State University | College Autism Network)


Nov. 7 

  • Featured presenter: Dr. Stephen Shore (Adelphi University)

Oct. 10

  • Featured presenter: Kimberly Ha (Organization for Autism Research)

Sept. 19

  • Meeting Minutes
  • Featured presenter: Dr. Fred Volkmar (Yale University | Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders)

August 27 

    • Meeting Minutes
    • Featured presenter: Dr. Valérie Van Hees (Artevelde University College Ghent)

    July 16

    May 28

    April 23

    March 26

    February 26

    January 22








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    4. Contact Brett Ranon Nachman ( to get updates about upcoming CANVAS meetings.
    5. Visit our CANVAS Google Drive (here we share our meeting agendas, minutes, and other CANVAS content; you can even post a profile about yourself and your work)
    6. Participate in a CANVAS Working Group based on your particular interests. 
      Collaborating on Research, Conducting Multi-site Studies, and/or Exploring Grants 

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