Job Boards for Neurodivergent Candidates

A number of organizations have created job boards and other recruitment sites for neurodiverse individuals seeking employment. It can be hard to know which one offers what. So we’ve curated a few worth looking at. We don’t specifically recommend any of these, and encourage you to look at each of them and see which one best meets your needs.

Name and Link Description
Neurodiversity Career Connector

This site was created by a group of employers who are members of the Neurodiversity@Work Roundtable.

It’s a very easy-to-use site. Jobs can be filtered by part-time/full-time, contract, apprenticeship, internship.

This site is fairly new and as of April 2022, has about 100 jobs, most of them listed by some of the major recruiters. The majority of positions are tech-related, but there are some exceptions.

There is no cost for job seekers.

Jobs for Neurodivergent

This site was created and is managed by an organization called “Jobs for Humanity,” a job search organization that focuses on connecting “historically underrepresented talent to welcoming employers.” They have specific targeted groups (like “Jobs for the Blind”) and this job board is one of their newest efforts.

Jobs can be searched by level of experience, function and type of employment, and country.

You can sign up for job alerts if you want to stay current.

As of April 2022, there are over 4400 jobs listed in 35 industries.

Stanford Neurodiversity Job Bank

This website is managed by Stanford University’s Neurodiversity Project. It is very academic in nature because it is part of a research study. For example, under “Candidate Registry,” you’ll find information like this: Aim 1b. Compare duration of sustained employment for NaW and NaW-DS. Hypothesis 1b. We predict that the NaW program will result in a longer duration of sustained employment as compared to NaW-DS.It is hard to find your way through the project to get to the actual sign-up place.

There are no current listings of jobs.

Neurodiversity in the Workplace

NITW works with both candidates and employers to make the workplace a better environment for neurodiversity. They maintain a candidate list and then try to match candidates with employers who are their “partners.” They don’t post jobs on their job board. You use their “Get in Touch” link to tell them about yourself through a “candidate database form”, and they then put you in their candidate bank.

There are no costs to joining their candidate bank.

Hire Autism

This job board is owned and managed by OAR (Organization for Autism Research). Their job board has filters for easy searching. Jobs are diverse–some technology, some manual labor. As of April, 2022, there were about 40 jobs listed. You can search jobs without signing in or creating an account.
The Spectrum Careers

This site is managed by Rangam Consultants, a firm that recruits for a variety of large organizations, and was developed in partnership with Autism Speaks. “SourceAbled” is the group within Rangam that focuses on autistic and other neurodiverse hiring. There is a strong emphasis on technology and contract positions.

Job seekers can search the database for jobs, but must register to apply for opportunities (there is no cost for registering). To search jobs, you need to go to “Employment Resources” and then look for the “search jobs” link.


This website is designed to help individuals with all kinds of disabilities find jobs. Neurodiversity is one area of focus. The website lists over 4000 jobs of all kinds, but these employers haven’t specified that they are seeking neurodiverse candidates. They are indicating a desire to hire people with disabilities.

Specialisterne North America works with businesses in Canada and the US to hire neurodivergent employees. We connect qualified neurodivergent candidates to employment opportunities in numerous industries and sectors. Listed on this page are all currently open positions. Don’t see job opportunities that suit you? More opportunities are always coming up! If none of the roles listed are of interest to you, please apply through our General Application to join our talent pool and be considered for future employment opportunities.

Founded in May 2021, is a specialty job board that connects neurodiverse and disabled talent with inclusive employers worldwide. You can create a job seeker profile, upload your resume, and search and apply for jobs at no cost. Recruiters tap into our job seeker databases to find qualified candidates.

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